Tokyo Keiki Gyrocompass

Tokyo Keiki use a common sensitive element for most of their deep sea gyro compasses the TG5000 TG6000 and TG8000 all use a common sensitive element. Tokyo Keiki Gyro compasses for high speed craft again use the same sensitive element however the part number is different as the sensitive elements used on high speed craft are tested to higher tolerances. It is reccomended by Tokyo Keiki that sensitive elements are changed every 3 years this will reduce the possibility of breakdown between services and possible detention by port state control. If on inspection it is found that fluid is being forced out of the top vent opening on the top of the sensitive element this indicates that the bearings in the Sensitive element are worn and overheating or that the rotor voltage or frequency are incorrectly set. Electromed carry an extensive stock of spare parts for Tokyo Keiki gyro compasses and regularly carry out service for Tokyo Keiki products in Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco.