From Ship Owner December 2022

Dear Tokyo Keiki support team, Mr. Cookson,

On behalf of Rix Shipmanagement and Hansael Group we would like to thank you for the quick and reliable assistance in the case with mv Transeurope and TG8000 gyrocompass.

Hansael Group and Rix Shipmanagement – managers of a nice lady mv Transeurope we would like to say personally Thank you to Mr. Cookson local distributor of Tokyo Keiki who in the short notice in spite of local C19 restrictions and personal business arranged great technical support/attendance onboard of mv Transeurope.

The vessel now ready to sail safe with perfect performance of gyrocompass.

Electromed Marine is a definitely a great example how Tokyo Keiki distributor should perform!

Rix Shipmanagement feels very secure having solid and reliable TK solutions onboard and technical support. The managers will continue old gyrocompass systems fleet upgrade during 2022 year, preferable model is TG8000.

Have a nice weekend for all parties!

Latest News

  • Ships Bunkers Conference November 2021

    Electromed showed a small exhibition of equipment and information to ship owners and managers at the Ships Bunkers Conference in Gibraltar at the beginning of November 2021.  Equipment showcased were the Coltraco Ultrasonics test equipment for measuring liquid flow through pipelines including bunker liquids.  For detection of any leakage through watertight seals in cargo holds and watertight hatches, and for measurement of liquids held in storage cylinders such as fixed fire systems.  It was a good event with much interest.  


    Coltraco Ultrasonics has chosen Electromed to be the exclusive distributer of its award winning technology. We are able to supply instruments in both land and sea based industries. Coltraco are world leaders at innovation and production of Ultra Sonic measurement instrumentation. The Portamarine is an ultrasonic liquid level indicator. It can be used for offshore Fire Suppression Servicing, inspections and especially popular for use with onboard CO2 fire suppression. Other products include Portascanner watertight integrity instruments, Portasteel steel thickness indicator. Portatank tank level indicator. Portamonitor bearing wear indicator. For  more information please visit      


    Inmarsat has signed a contract with Electromed Ltd to become an authorised installation and repair company for Inmarsat with regards to Installation and commissioning of all systems including Fleet Express communications systems. Operational efficiency moves to the next level Fleet Xpress takes maritime communications to the next level, delivering the high data speeds enabled by Inmarsat’s Global Xpress Ka-band technology combined with the proven reliability of Inmarsat’s flagship FleetBroadband L-band service. Fleet Xpress is powering the maritime data revolution. Guaranteed global bandwidth ensures that ship owners and operators can improve business intelligence, enhance efficiency, performance and crew welfare, and in turn run their businesses more effectively. Fleet Xpress offers a powerful combination of unique benefits to set a new standard … Continue reading

  • Deckma Marine

    Electomed attended the 2018 SMM exhibition at Hamburg We met many new customers and suppliers. We also attended continuation training with Deckma Marine of Hamburg. Electromed has been supporting Deckma Marine for around 6 years with the supply and calibration of 15ppm overboard discharge monitors.  Electromed is the official agent for supply, calibration and certification of Deckma Marine 15 ppm overboard discharge monitors in Spain and Gibraltar. Please visit the following link.

  • Kelvin Hughes Produce New Network Radars

    Kelvin Hughes have produced a new series of networked radars.  The X band consists of a 12 Kw magnetron up mast transceiver networked to a flat panel PC via a network switch. Electromed Technicians have now received full training from Kelvin Hughes on the installation and maintenance on this new radar type. Increased gain and a narrow beam width of the antenna offers greater range and bearing resolution for improved performance and target separation. The compact lightweight design is easy to install with a single waterproof connector and includes an integral health monitor. This commercial marine X-Band series is ideal for vessles requiring IMO type approved radar and also smaller boats such as workboats and fishing vessels requiring a cost … Continue reading