Kelvin Hughes Produce New Network Radars

Kelvin Hughes have produced a new series of networked radars.  The X band consists of a 12 Kw magnetron up mast transceiver networked to a flat panel PC via a network switch.

Electromed Technicians have now received full training from Kelvin Hughes on the installation and maintenance on this new radar type.

Increased gain and a narrow beam width of the antenna offers greater range and bearing resolution for improved performance and target separation. The compact lightweight design is easy to install with a single waterproof connector and includes an integral health monitor.

This commercial marine X-Band series is ideal for vessles requiring IMO type approved radar and also smaller boats such as workboats and fishing vessels requiring a cost effective, simple to install, lightweight and high performance navigation radar.

Key Features

  • X-Band
  • Improved performance and target separation
  • IMO type approval (IEC 62388, MSC192/79)
  • Blanking sectors
  • Low noise transceiver
  • Upmast – Integrated transceiver and turning mechanism
  • Easy to install cable and antenna

The S band consists of a Sharpeye solid state radar transceiver that does not use a magnetron.  SharpEye™ transmits a low power patented pulse sequence, which enables short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously, allowing the radar operator to maintain situational awareness regardless of the range scale setting of the radar display and other users of the radar can select their own radar display range scale. The detection performance of SharpEye™ with a low peak transmission power of less than 200W is equivalent to a 30kW magnetron radar.

Key Features

  • No magnetron – minimal routine maintenance requirements
  • High reliability – solid state electronics
  • Upmast transceiver solution – no waveguide – easy to retrofit – reduced signal loss
  • Clutter suppression – pulse compression
  • Continuous health monitor


The latest navigation radar innovation from Kelvin Hughes is the new integrated radar display which has taken all the market leading software functionality from the previous MantaDigital™ radar series, added a few improvements and reborn in a brand new package.

The integrated radar display is designed to complete the X-Band and SharpEye™ S-Band radar transceivers series as part of a fully redundant networked system, removing the need for distribution and other interfaces.

The integrated radar display provides radar, chart radar and Electronic Chart System (ECS) in a single networkable system with a host of features supporting navigation, route planning and training.

The radar display is type approved (MSC192/79 / IEC 62388 ED2) and provides enhanced collision avoidance and situational awareness features such as dual PPI (Plan Position Indicator), collision warning, spy scope and Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) mode.

Key Features:

  • Ease of operation
  • 22” (55cm) and 26” (66cm) display option
  • LED widescreen with anti-reflective glass
  • Multiple easy mounting options (Console / desktop / deckhead / deck stand)
  • Simple interconnection (1 x Ethernet & 3 x USB)
  • Networked system
  • 5th Generation 64bit operating system
  • Dual redundant network
  • Serial radar transceiver distribution via network
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Solid state hard drive (fast recovery configuration files)
  • Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) Interface
    • Ethernet connection to Kelvin Hughes X-VDR
    • DVI connection for 3rd party VDR


Electromed has now received accreditation from Bureauveritas and is now authorised to conduct Radio Surveys and VDR APTs on behalf of Bureauveritas on ships around the world.  Please ask for a quotation for a competitive price.  Electromed has technicians based at the following Ports, Liverpool, Gibraltar, Algeciras, Barcelona.  Travel charges for work in other Ports or on ships at Sea is extremely competitive so please ask for a quotation.  Electromed is also authorised by Lloyds, DNVGL, RINA, ABS.


Electromed Opens UK Office

Electromed now has an office in the UK situated near to the Port of Liverpool.  Within days of opening we were busy conducting services in Liverpool, Immingham, Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, and the Thames.
We continue to service our represented manufacturers in the UK as follows  Transas, Kelvin Hughes, Tokyo Keiki, Furuno, Simrad, Martek Marine, AMI Marine, Mastervolt, Inmarsat, Deckma Marine, Mcmurdo, Sailor.
We can travel to all Ports within the UK at very little cost.  Please ask us for a quotation to compare with your normal UK service provider.

Transas Equipment Sales and Repair

We have been busy in recent times installing ECDIS Equipment so that ships can comply with regulations for paperless navigation.

Transas ECDISTransas Logo

Electromed are now sales and service agents for Transas Marine.  We are heavily involved in the supply, installation and commissioning of Transas ECDIS.  This involves sometimes removing the old equipment, installing new ECDIS multiple stations, and interfacing with other bridge equipment.  Interfacing is an extensive part of the installation as the ECDIS has to be interfaced with the following equipment as a mandatory regulation.

1. Gyro compass,
2. GPS and Secondary GPS.
3. Ships Speed Log (speed through the water)

In addition to get the very most from the ECDIS is may also be interfaced with the following,

1. Navtex
2. Wind Instrument
3. Radars for radar overlay and displaying ARPA targets on the chart
4. Voyage Data Recorder for recording the navigation process as a video input.
5 BNWAS for restarting the count when tracker ball is moved etc
6. Satellite communications for getting chart updates.
7 Autopilot for navigating routes selected.
8. AIS for plotting AIS targets.

Get the most out of your system and have it fully integrated.

ECDIS Martek Marine

Are you ready to comply with the new mandatory IMO carriage requirement for Electronic Chart and Information Display (ECDIS)?  Before 2018 most vessels are required to have installed and operate ECDIS.  See below to check if your vessels are affected.

Electromed have recently been installing dual Martek Marine iECDIS solutions on commercial vessels in Europe and North Africa.

The Martek Marine iECDIS is constructed from heavy duty military spec spec. hardware. It is robust and built to last.  Passive cooling systems use natural air circulation instead of electrical fans for cooling, extending lifetime and reducing breakdowns due to fan failure.

The iECDIS comes pre loaded with Jeppesen Charts so that you can start to navigate immediately. When full chart data base update is required on iECDIS it can be completed inside 10 minutes from one DVD as opposed to some systems which have a complicated update process using many discs.  The iECDIS can can be connected to your vessels VSat or even an optional GSM modem so that all updates can be carried out automatically over the GSM network for a low flat monthly fee.

Contact Electromed today to ensure your new ECDIS is installed to and beyond minimum requirements. The following sensors must be connected to the ECDIS station as a minimum requirement.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Speed through the water (Speed Log)

Ships Heading (Gyro Compass)

Electromed will ensure that your installation is completed in a professional manner as well as the mandatory interfaces the iECDIS can also be interfaced with the following equipment to ensure that you get the most from your ECDIS system

Wind Anemometer, Echo Sounder, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Autopilot, Secondary GPS, Voyage Data Recorder, Satellite Communications (DATA) , GSM (DATA)

Electromed are also authorised agents for the following ECDIS manufacturers;

Transas, Kelvin Hughes, Furuno, Martek, Tokyo Keiki.

Contact Electromed today for a free comprehensive quotation