ECDIS Martek Marine

Are you ready to comply with the new mandatory IMO carriage requirement for Electronic Chart and Information Display (ECDIS)?  Before 2018 most vessels are required to have installed and operate ECDIS.  See below to check if your vessels are affected.

Electromed have recently been installing dual Martek Marine iECDIS solutions on commercial vessels in Europe and North Africa.

The Martek Marine iECDIS is constructed from heavy duty military spec spec. hardware. It is robust and built to last.  Passive cooling systems use natural air circulation instead of electrical fans for cooling, extending lifetime and reducing breakdowns due to fan failure.

The iECDIS comes pre loaded with Jeppesen Charts so that you can start to navigate immediately. When full chart data base update is required on iECDIS it can be completed inside 10 minutes from one DVD as opposed to some systems which have a complicated update process using many discs.  The iECDIS can can be connected to your vessels VSat or even an optional GSM modem so that all updates can be carried out automatically over the GSM network for a low flat monthly fee.

Contact Electromed today to ensure your new ECDIS is installed to and beyond minimum requirements. The following sensors must be connected to the ECDIS station as a minimum requirement.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

Speed through the water (Speed Log)

Ships Heading (Gyro Compass)

Electromed will ensure that your installation is completed in a professional manner as well as the mandatory interfaces the iECDIS can also be interfaced with the following equipment to ensure that you get the most from your ECDIS system

Wind Anemometer, Echo Sounder, Automatic Identification System (AIS), Autopilot, Secondary GPS, Voyage Data Recorder, Satellite Communications (DATA) , GSM (DATA)

Electromed are also authorised agents for the following ECDIS manufacturers;

Transas, Kelvin Hughes, Furuno, Martek, Tokyo Keiki.

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Tokyo Keiki Agent United Kingdom

Electromed has made an agreement with Tokyo Keiki to conduct sales and service in the United Kingdom on their behalf.  Electromed have been Sales and Service agents for Tokyo Keiki for more than 20 years.

Predominantly we have operated in the Mediterranean region, Spain Gibraltar Morocco and France.

However now Electromed have opened an office in the United Kingdom in the Liverpool area.  We are now able to supply our service customers in the UK with a very high standard of service to Tokyo Keiki equipment onboard vessels around the coast of the UK.  Please contact us via our normal email address. or alternatively through the contacts page on the website in order to request a quote or book a service.

ElectroMed Receives Approval from RINA

ElectroMed has recently received the approval of RINA (Registro Itanlino Navale) and we are now authorised to conduct Radio Surveys in accordance with SOLAS regulations and also Voyage Data Recorder annual performance testing on all RINA Classed vessels.  ElectroMed are also authorised by Lloyds Register and also ABS (American bureau of shipping)

During the Radio survey our costs also include testing of EPIRBs, (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) SARTs, (Search and Rescue Transponders) AIS (Automatic Identification System) and SSAS (Ships Security Alert System)

ElectroMed carries out radio surveys in Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, England Wales and Scotland.

Rina    ABS

Lloyds Register

Electromed are now ACR ARTEX Dealers

Electromed are happy to announce that we are now official dealers for ACR ARTEX, who are the leading development center for emergency beacons. Should you be sailing through the Mediterranean, we would be happy to service or supply your ACR products.
Some of the EPIRBs available:
PLBs available

Tokyo Keiki Training

Two Electromed technicians have just completed an 8 day training course with Tokyo Keiki.  This brings them completely up to date with Tokyo Keiki equipment and service procedures.  Electromed have been Sales and Service agents for Tokyo Keiki for the past 20 years.  We are qualified Sales Service and Installation for Tokyo Keiki Gyrocompasses, Tokyo Keiki Autopilot, Tokyo Keiki Radar and Tokyo Keiki ECDIS.  Electromed are authorised to carry out Tokyo Keiki service in Gibraltar, Spain, Morocco, England, Scotland and Wales.

Training in Class 1
Tokyo Keiki Training 1
Training in Class 2
Tokyo Keiki Training 2